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 Creative Positioning

The Hatha Communications Creative Positioning Exercise will take you through a brain storming session that will help determine mission, vision, points of differentiation, audiences and tags, which will formulate the backbone for messaging.

Our Process:

  1. Introductory meeting with client during which the client completes the Creative Positioning Worksheet and identifies key internal/external stakeholders to involve in the process.
  2. Internal key stakeholders complete Creative Positioning Worksheet
  3. External key stakeholders complete a Creative Position Questionnaire
  4. Hatha Communications identifies alignment and disconnects between stakeholders
  5. 1.5 hour review session with client that showcases findings and works through disconnects
  6. Development of a final Creative Positioning Statement

Core Messaging

Are you clear on what your brand is?  How about everyone else in your organization?  Is your messaging in all your materials and across all mediums consistent?  Does it accurately capture who you are and what you do?  If you hesitated on any of these questions, taking the time to put together a Core Messaging document to be applied across all your communications can set your brand on a clear path to success.  We recommend developing a Core Messaging document as the next step to taking advantage of a Creative Positioning Process or a CAP or Outreach Strategy.

Our Process:

  1. Review of current communications materials
  2. Completion of Creative Positioning Worksheet by client’s executive team
  3. A 1 – 2 hour brainstorming and Q&A session with the Executive Team and any other key players as determined by the client to identify core audiences and successful messages
  4. Development of a written Core Messaging Document
  5. Optional review meeting


Visual Branding

In order to provide you with a complete brand package, Hatha Communications partners with Premier Designs to offer visual branding services. We suggest prefacing Visual Branding with Creative Positioning and Core Messaging for a complete Branding Effort.

Our Process:

  1. Research and Discovery – research on the primary competition and an exploration of new logo application and uses
  2. Initial Concepts – brainstorming process that results in 5 to 7 logo concepts presented in black and white
  3. Refinement – 3 designs of the client’s choosing are further refined and the client is engaged in a collaborative effort to select a final design
  4. Identity standards – a style guide for standard logo usage and application is developed. This also includes color, imagery and typography guidelines for common marketing materials.


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