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Core Values

Hatha-Core ValuesTitle

1) Do Everything with Integrity

2) Take Initiative

3) Pursue Growth

4) Be a Positive Influence

5) Provide Solutions

6) Over-deliver

7) Be Passionate and Determined

8) Embrace and Drive Change

9) Be Open-mined and Creative

10) Communicate


On behalf of the Estate of Anthony Eterovich, we would like to thank Hatha Communications and their team for the exceptional coverage we received before, during and after “A Thrilling Act, the Art of Anthony Eterovich” at Tregoning & Co. They were professional and thorough throughout including work on the press release, follow up, video(s) and catalogue. Katherine was always available to respond to questions and put a great deal of thought and effort into our project. I must make special menti…
Karen Eterovich

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