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Five Common Media Relations Mistakes

1) Your headline is long and drab.  Catch someone’s attention with relevant, short and to the point.

2) What you are pitching isn’t newsworthy.  Ask yourself, if this wasn’t about me, would I engage in news coverage of this?  If you are selling something, that’s an ad.  Take the time to understand the hook.  What’s the intrinsic value of the information you want to share?

3) You fail to answer Who? What? When? Where? and Why?

4) You expect the journalist to connect the dots.  Journalists are busy people and your are the best expert on what you want to get covered, so provide details!  Attachments, videos, and links are a great way to provide information without creating clutter.

5) You don’t get to the point quickly.  Key details should be presented up front.  Do not explain the entire history of your organization or reason for being in a pitch.  Instead, share important facts and provide relevant details that help create context.

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