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Need a more successful approach to fund raising? Attend one or all of these sessions at the Foundation Center!

Lauren Steiner of Grants Plus, Cleveland area fund raising campaign consultant Stacy Caddey and Hatha Communications President Katherine Bulava realized that the services each offers are complimentary and decided to develop an educational series that takes attendees through building a case for support, to snagging grants and launching a successful capital campaign.  Whether you are on the hunt for a new funding source, know you have an captial campaign coming up or just realize that you need to tell your story to your funders more effectively, this series at the Foundation Center will prepare you to hit the ground running!

We encourage participants to check out all three sessions at the Foundation Center, 1422 Euclid Ave #1300, Cleveland, OH 44115:

September 30th, 12 – 1 pm

Using Communications to Build a Case for Support

When you are filling out that grant application, when you are trying to explain to your board members what your organization does beyond their favorite programs or when you are in mid-conversation with that big donor are all too late to start thinking about your case for support.  Instead, successful organizations have a plan for communicating who they are and what they do as well as gathering those tugging-at-the-heart strings stories of how they make an impact so that when the time comes to ask for support, they can clearly communicate why they deserve funds.

October 7tn, 12- 1 pm

Grant Strategies that Work

Effective grant seeking is strategic grant seeking. Learn how to infuse your grant program with strategies using real world examples. We’ll take a look at what elements make a great proposal great, and how to use a “no” this time to get a “yes” next time. Are operating grants possible and who funds them? What makes a compelling grant budget? This session will be hands on and participatory, so bring your burning grant questions.

October 14th, 12 – 1 pm

Planning for a Successful Capital Campaign

How do you know if a goal is realistic? Is feasibility necessary and what are its benefits? We will discuss the phases of a capital campaign and the process involved from start to finish. And what happens if your campaign stalls? Learn about real examples of strategies and scenarios to help you take the right next steps toward planning, leading, managing or jump-starting a capital campaign for your organization.

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