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Case Study – Outreach Strategy and Implementation

If you are launching a new program, product or service or would like to expand your reach to a new target market or audience, you need a plan. Even if you aren’t tackling something new, you may feel like your current efforts aren’t getting you anywhere. Hatha Communications can help.  A strong message is a great start, but once you have that, you also need to know what tools to use to get that message out and how to tailor it to particular audiences.
Hatha Communications offers Outreach Strategy as well as Implementation. We can work with you by crafting a plan that your organization can then implement internally or, once the plan has been developed, we can implement it for you.  We can also help you tackle some tactical aspects of outreach such as building lists, creating partnerships and implementing strategies you may already have in place.
These examples will offer a glimpse into how we approach each unique case.


CityMusic Cleveland – Outreach Strategy

CityMusic Cleveland (CMC) is a professional chamber orchestra that performs free concerts throughout Northeast Ohio. Their mission is to develop audiences and build communities through the arts by presenting the finest quality performances at no charge in familiar venues and working with neighborhood leaders to enrich the cultural offerings of their communities. They approached Hatha Communicationsbecause they were struggling to reach different communities for their concerts.  They were concerned that composition of their concert audiences skewed older and they needed to attract a younger audience in order establish a long-term core following and continue to make arts truly accessible.

Hatha Communications gathered information from CMC about the organization, their goals for their next major event featuring a world famous violinist, future goals, and background on the featured artist, the orchestra and the director. From that, a detailed plan was developed. Covering seven pages and a timeline of 7 weeks the plan included:

  • Overview paragraphs about CMC, Dylana Jenson (violinist) and Joel Smirnoff (director)
  • Links to be used in press releases, social media and on the website to give a face and story to the event
  • A detailed timeline for publicity by week

o   Whom to contact

o   Individual messages to contacts

o   What to post to website, social media, etc.

o   Community contacts with message: local politicians, cities, schools, colleges, local community arts organizations

o   Media outreach plan and timeline with stories.

  • Details on tracking the media hits
  • Literature distribution outlets and timing

Hatha Communications handled the implementation and CMC also did leg-work and participated in media interviews.

Since the goal was to attract younger audiences, one of the key targets was schools. CMC was able to reach a large number of young music lovers and make them aware of the free program thanks to partnerships that Hatha Communications established with a series of high school and collegiate level music programs as well as a few youth arts education programs in the community.

The outreach and implementation efforts resulted in front page coverage in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and a standing room only crowd at all four performances.


Johnson Hearing Aid – Outreach Strategy and Implementation

Johnson Hearing Aid and Hatha Communications were united through a business network. Hatha had previously  designed a website for the client who then realized that they needed to attract more business but they were not sure how to go about it and how to structure the search. Leading them through a question and answer analysis of their past business, Hatha was able to determine that their clientele comes primarily from physician referral and repeat business. They had received the bulk of their referrals in the past from Medicaid and Medicare, but changes to those systems and the advent of the Affordable Care Act were forcing them to find new sources.

Ultimately a strategy was developed to target doctors as the best source of referrals, in parts of town where they already had customers. A letter was drafted to send to local doctors along with information about Johnson Hearing Aid services, asking to establish a two-way mutual referral program. It was a simple but effective strategy, developed for a niche market.


Z-Notes – Outreach Strategy and Implementation

Z-Notes is an online newsletter linked to a website that was created for businessman and civic and cultural activist John Zayac. He was looking for an outlet that could reach the general public and the community development sector to engage in civic dialogue within the Greater Cleveland community. Hatha Communications was charged with developing the complete strategy for the newsletter, creating contact lists as well as crafting and soliciting content that would present the client as an authority and leader in the community. To create the contact list, Hatha used the client’s existing list and then researched three target groups: Arts and Culture, Planning and Urban Design, and Government. Hatha delved into public records to find contact information, as well as researching awards and media coverage to create a more extensive list. This research garnered a list of 2100 contacts, which has grown since then to over 3000.

The complete strategy included items that would be included in each newsletter, solicitation of articles including the type of content and the tone, sections and topics in the newsletter and tracking of articles. A roadmap was created for the complete newsletter and the website behind the newsletter, including hot buttons, invitations to provide content, creative titling and more.

For the first year and a half, Hatha Communications obtained content for the newsletter and managed the project. After that Hatha edited the content and finally the client transitioned into self-management as he found his own voice.


Cleveland Women’s Orchestra – Outreach Strategy

In 2013, the Cleveland Women’s Orchestra (CWO) was producing a 78th Anniversary performance at Severance Hall and needed to ensure that it was well-publicized, being in a much larger venue than their other performances, a special event, and including two well-known classical musicians. CWO met Hatha Communications at a Council of Smaller Enterprises event and, having heard from other arts leaders about Hatha’s reputation, CWO hired us to facilitate the communications outreach strategy.

A complete and detailed communications strategy was developed that would be easy for the CWO to follow. It included: ad exchanges in other organization’s program books, advertising strategy for local media, print and mailing opportunities, target audiences with contact information, flyer and postcard distribution, how to feature information about the concert on the CWO website, establishing an E-newsletter, social media recommendations, and determining demographics for the audience. The plan included weblinks, email addresses, estimated costs for components and a timeline for all categories.

The detailed road map was implemented by CWO and they found it easy to follow and administer. The performance was successfully presented in April, 2013.


SecureViewUSA – Outreach Strategy and Implementation

Hatha Communications was selected via an open proposal process to develop an outreach strategy for SecureViewUSA, a producer of polycarbonate clear boarding for vacant properties. They had a strong reputation within the industry and well-developed relationships with banks, mortgage companies and mortgage servicing agencies. SecureView recognized that in order to get those larger entities to buy into the product they would have to create a more public face for their product, one that said that the public liked it and wanted it used more.

A detailed plan was developed to create a digital media center and pitch packet to include informational materials, testimonial videos that Hatha Communications filmed, media success stories and market research data that Hatha Communications partnered with the Center for Marketing and Opinion Research in order to compile.  Hatha Communications also completed media relations efforts in multiple cities and nationally to increase SecureView’s exposure, developed a comprehensive social media strategy that it helped SecureView launch and worked with SecureView executives on messaging and speech delivery.

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