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Capturing your Message in your Communications

You can hire an expensive advertising firm to create marketing materials for you or a consultant to manage your social media for you or assign these duties in house, but if you cannot communicate your message to those responsible for communicating it to your target audience, than you are not likely to end up with results that effectively communicate who you are and what you do.

A crucial first step to starting and effective communications campaign that I always undertake with clients and yet is often overlooked is establishing your Creative Position.

A Creative Positioning statement is an internal document that helps you understand how you’d like to express who you are and what you do to your target audiences.  Once this document is in place, it should be used as the backbone of any communications campaign in order to keep your messaging clear and consistent across the board.

These are the necessary elements of a Creative Positioning statement:

1)     Vision Statement (who we are and what we want to be)

2)     Positioning (we believe)

3)     When someone asks why the should work with us, the answer should be (three to five items)

4)     Pitches (to target audience, product/person/service is the point of differentiation, because support)

5)     Tagline (come up with a few and choose one)

6)     Takeaway

Depending on how comfortable you are with the message you’d like to share with your target audiences (or even how certain you are about whom those audiences are), you may want to seek out some professional assistance in putting together a Creative Positioning statement.  Whether you attempt to do develop this document yourself or seek professional assistance, however, the critical thing is to have this piece in place prior to launching or revamping a communications campaign.  You’ll be much more successful at capturing your message in your communications if you are a strong idea of what that is prior to trying to get it out there.


Creative Positioning Worksheet:

Vision Statement (who we are and what we want to be):                


Positioning (We believe):             


When someone asks why they should work with us, the answer should be:














(To target audience, product/person/service is the point of differentiation because support)










Tags (come up with three and choose 1):












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